An Empty Street Films Production.
A portrait of Ruaridh Lever-Hogg, a Deaf Artist from the Scottish Highlands.

In this short art documentary film, Ruaridh tells us about how he became involved with art, his painting journey, and how it has profoundly impacted his life as an artist, all while sharing his beautiful paintings. 
Special thanks to Ruaridh Lever-Hogg for participating in this film. 
Filmed, edited & directed by Will Clark
BSL / English Translation by Jamie Dow
Gaffer / BTS Photography by Scott Campbell
Special Thanks Nicola Lever, Gavin Hogg, Aite Cruinnichidh & Kirsten Doherty
Music by Veaceslan Draganov, DaniHaDani, Michael Shynes, Hans Johnson, Roie Shpigler & Low Light​​​​​
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